UK documentary cut scene claiming Prince William spread rumors about Prince Harry's mental health

Vacant former Royal Palaces attract far more visitors and generate far more revenue than the people trying to catch a glimpse of a living Liz in London or Winsor.

If finances were a compelling reason for monarchy, then abolition and opening all the palaces would be a far better course.


Peter Kropotkin says hello

Pyotr Kropotkin was born in Moscow, into an ancient Russian princely family. His father, major general Prince Alexei Petrovich Kropotkin, was a descendant of the Smolensk branch,[15] of the Rurik dynasty which had ruled Russia before the rise of the Romanovs. Kropotkin’s father owned large tracts of land and nearly 1,200 male serfs in three provinces.[16] His mother was the daughter of a Cossack general.[16] Pyotr had an older brother, Alexander (1841–1890), who later committed suicide.[17] Their mother died of tuberculosis in 1846. The widowed father married Yelizaveta Markovna Korandina in 1848.[17]

Kropotkin dropped his princely title at age 12 “[u]nder the influence of republican teachings” and “even rebuked his friends, when they so referred to him.”[18]

In 1867, Kropotkin resigned his commission in the army and returned to St. Petersburg, where he entered the Saint Petersburg Imperial University to study mathematics, becoming at the same time secretary to the geography section of the Russian Geographical Society.[29] His departure from a family tradition of military service prompted his father to disinherit him, “leaving him a ‘prince’ with no visible means of support”.[30]

All that was before he officially became an anarchist.


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