UK Home Office's terrorist detection checklist


You know you’re in trouble when you’re employing people who need an acronym for the instruction “SUSPECT EVERYONE”


False positives indeed. I don’t hold that much faith in security theatres ability to parse acronyms.
Everyone with a cockney accent should expect some enhanced pat-downs in their travelling future.

Good to see they took it seriously enough to press their platitude list in form of a backronym.

Well at least thank goodness “Nationality” wasn’t what I was afraid it was.

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Is that the deal with these new alphabet block avatar thingies? Spelling out vertical secret messages in the margins?

I don’t see why it’s so offensive. Most of these people have to try and process hundreds if not thousands of people per day. They’re going to simplify things, you might as well point their simplification on the right direction

There go my vacation plans. I don’t “look” the nationality of my passport, and I very much DO look and sound like I’m from London.

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Also a nice handy list for Bad People ™ who want to come to the UK on what to avoid. Having valid looking ID, and booking a return flight in advance is easy enough.

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