UK is 6th Biggest Economy! Thanks UKIP!

Yay! Amazing!

Wait! Before Brexit came up, we were 5th?!?! What happened, guys?! How did France overtake the UK?!?! Oh gawd, this is embarrassing!

U.S. - $19.4 trillion
China - $11.9 trillion
Japan - $4.9 trillion
Germany - $3.7 trillion
France - $2.575 trillion
U.K. - $2.565 trillion
India - $2.4 trillion

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Just wait for the freakout once India overtakes.


Oh, I dunno. We’ve always known that India is where you go to make your fortune.


The title focuses on America, but the content is more broadly focused. Relevant to the rise of India.

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We live in interesting times.

Thankfully, the UK can lean back on its extensive global empire and power of its nautical armed services to ensure its continued prosperous role in the world.

This won’t be like the 1970s, when we had to receive a bail-out from the IMF.

Will it?

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Now, now this is precisely the sort of defeatist Remoaner talk that leads to the economy tanking. If only everyone would talk positively about the UK economy, things would be much better.

The above brought to you courtesy of Nigel Farage who on his LBC talkshow yesterday stated quite clearly that he thinks Trump is great because he travels round the country telling people that America is brilliant and that the local economy is going to be wonderful any day now.

Nigel was also quite explicit that he doesn’t care whether that is true or not (and gave a pretty strong indication that he thinks it isn’t).

He thinks we all have a duty to be positive about the economy and Brexit - no matter what.

He didn’t quite go so far as to say what he thinks should be done about defeatists but I’m sure there are plenty of UKIPers who will have some ideas in that direction…

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To think, if that plane had only crashed into the ground a tad bit faster, Nigel wouldn’t be here.

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