UK juice company Crushed tweeted product pitch pegged on Manchester attack

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Not the kind of shit I’d imagine from the fine folks at Innocent.

You’d think that by this point companies would realize that they could post a tweet with this sort of message without the attached advertising/product image, and it would achieve their goals. NOPE! gotta promote the brand in everything!

Also “Crushed”? Did it not occur that if your product is named with the same adjective of how people often die in crowd situations, maybe you should not do anything to link your product name to a horrible event?


The blatant ‘branding’ certainly adds insult to injury; but the tweet itself is half inane non-sequitur (Now’s the time to greet strangers; because terrorism?) and half Hallmark-card dismissal. (“We know love wins in the ends:)” sounds nice; but both fails the Keynes test for vacuous statements about the long run and only works if you ignore, or dismiss as unimportant in the larger picture, the 20-ish people for whom shrapnel and massive tissue damage, rather than love, won in the end.)

One can’t really expect decency from advertising flacks; but they should really just try keeping their mouths shut in these sorts of cases.


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