Don't mess with MoonPie


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“Moon Pies & Mountain Dew: Who really needs all those teeth?”


I thought the proper pairing was RC Cola.


You may be interested in these inventions called toothpaste and toothbrushes.


So… we’re applauding when corporations patrol social media for negative comments on their brands and confront the perpetrators, now?


twitter lynch mobs and posses, sponsored and assembled by mega c orporations


and a portable defibrillator


In fairness, Moon Pies need all the free advertising they can get.



I read it as light hearted banter on both sides. I don’t do twitter, but I clicked through to the link at the bottom about how they are a good social media presence, and it all sounded charming to me. I can’t decide if reading the link is making me retroactively read the original exchange more generously though.


Not to mention fluoridated public water sources.


At least they didn’t sue her for the bad review?

Patrolling social media is not that hard, and it’s hard to fault a company for defending their brand. When you post to twitter, you do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Also, and I stand to be corrected on this, the company that makes MoonPies is still an independent business (i.e. not owned by a massive agro/food products conglomerate). So it’s not a case of megacorp crushing a little person for a perceived slight.


Sap and impurify my precious bodily fluids? No thanks, commie!




I feel like you have a reasonable expectation of not being insulted by a paid marketing agency for mentioning their client’s product, though.

MoonPie may be a cute little brand, but their social media presence is cultivated and managed by the same people who do work for Coke, McDonalds, and are responsible for that god-awful roller coaster-themed concessions sales pitch you have to sit through every time you see a movie in a Regal cinema. Every piece of that interaction is calculated.


Transatlantic translation attempt: a MoonPie appears to be more or less the same thing as a Wagon Wheel. (Do they have those any more?)


It does appear to be more or less the same.

And South Korea has the Choco Pie.


Some heathens prefer Dr. Pepper.


They tried to make up.


Yessss, hate makes you strong. Let it flow through you!