UK lawmaker: influencers should label manipulated photos of their bodies

Er, doesn’t nearly everyone already know that images are heavily edited for decades and decades now? If most people know that, and many still have body image issues, something tells me that people that consume “influencer” nonsense are still going to have the same problems that people that consumed Hollywood/Madison Avenue superficial output of yesteryear had/have?
The irony is very great, given that influencers are the pikers here; Hollywood and Madison Avenue definitely have the upper hand on manipulation…

Younger kids don’t, along with a lot of dim-witted older kids and adults. A law won’t help much with this problem, but media literacy courses as a core part of middle school curricula probably would.


I could not agree more. Though they’d probably become the new “CRT” lightning rod, I suppose. But yes: media literacy and critical thinking skills taught right alongside that would inoculate people against a lot of nonsense, if properly taught.
I never had a proper media literacy course, but thankfully, I had plenty of “subversive” teachers that dropped hints to those paying attention as well as very leftist parents with deep cynicism about television and media in general, as well as systemic corporate bias throughout the entire American system, so I eventually got the message. But not everyone is so lucky.

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Always relevant when this comes up

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