UK legal proposal: authorities can prevent anyone from doing anything for any reason

wow i saw “judge dredd V (…)” and thought this was a court case…


God save the Queen / The fascist regime.


Heh. Magistrates, how to become:

You don’t need formal qualifications or legal training to become a magistrate.

You will get full training for the role, and a legal adviser in court will help you with questions about the law.

They might as well go the whole hog with this and add “if you’re malleable, easy to persuade, and likely to say or do any old thing we suggest, well, you’re already a country mile into a prestigious new role!”

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Glad to see that George Parr, Home Office Minister, lives on even though John Fortune just died. This homage to their work is almost a work perfect copy of a Bird and Fortune routine:

Unusually, the headline is an understatement. From Monbiot (emphasis mine):

ipnas […] would not only forbid certain forms of behaviour, but also force the recipient to discharge positive obligations. In other words, they can impose a kind of community service order on people who have committed no crime

So authorities would also be able to force anyone to do anything for any reason.


This is bad. No; I mean this is really fucking bad. I was hoping that the lack of comments earlier today was meaning it s a fucking joke. But this is no fucking joke. I was really, really, hoping this was an onion kind of report. I don t know where you other people have come from; but for me this is way, way the fuck over the line. It s so over the fucking line that it pretends there is no fucking line. This is no acceptable legislation in any where anytime. It s not legitimate; my ?god? latest favorite show just sn t it? an I hate when that happens to be honest. the reason I find it so threatening? that it seems to be happening. and if it happens in good ol Britannica, that all our good friends in Canada are gonna make it happen too. cuz like it or not , tha’ts who they r looking to.

Seems like ever since 9/11, every tin-pot fascist has come out of the woodwork to propose legislation that not so long ago simply would have been laughed off the floor of congresses or parliaments.


This would make the UK a pretty sketchy place to skate.


You’ve got quite the “pre-nine-eleven” mindset right there. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to it, if you catch my meaning…

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i don’t know how it will be implemented in the UK, but there is something similar in Germany

IMO it’s legally problematic, but there are good reasons to have such a construct. Make of it what you will.

The rule of law is the principle that the law shall be applied without respect to persons. “Bespoke” law makes a mockery of this philosophy.


This goes a little bit against the UK Bill of Rights:

‘Excessive bail ought not to be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.’

It does exist, whot.

Well, yes.

And ‘without respect for the people’ isn’t the same thing.

It is merely a proposal, meaning the law will never be adopted. More likely, it is for the purposes of conditioning. Like when a child demands a pony for their birthday, and when it becomes clear a pony is not forthcoming, admits they would settle for a bicycle.

Merely a proposal”? Excuse me? The Bill has passed all three Readings in the House of Commons, and now awaits its third reading in the House of Lords; after that it will only need Royal Assent to make it law.

Are there? What are they, exactly?

The stakes are too high for excuse like this. No. The UK has entered a very dark chapter. UK leadership and citizen have should feel nothing but shame and then take effective action fast. American citizens need to do the same. No more excuses ever.

Good God, that makes it much better!

It’s the white elephant in the room, once the baby boomers gained access to the levers of power, they turned out to be self-righteous, wastefully hysterical, thin-skinned and very, very anal in the Freudian sense. Also and crucially, at least just as corrupt as the previous generations in power.
Even today on Boing Boing there’s a post on the FBI’s new prime directive.

Shrill teabaggers in Congress and the shrill people who elected them, the whole of Congress itself, let’s invade Iraq but ignore global warming and rampant corporate anarchy, etc.
How and why the hell are the baby boomers failing so miserably at governing?

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…and the House of Lords rejected the IPNA proposals as a threat to freedom of speech.

It’s rather disappointing that we need to rely on our unelected second chamber of Parliament for this sort of thing.