UK legal proposal: authorities can prevent anyone from doing anything for any reason


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As described here, any old policeman can shout “Everybody leave London for 3 months” and it would have the force of law? Sounds like a well-thought-out system.


Judge Dredd is not an instruction manual.


You know how you think back about Hitler and the spread of the Third Reich, and you wonder why all those people didn’t just flee their countries when things were so obviously heading (way, way, way) off the tracks?



God. Damn. Baby. Boomers.

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Problem being, this time there’s nowhere to run to. Pretty much every single country you can name is doing stupid shit like this.


Some self-reflection on the part of the soit-disant authorities would be good here. Are they a solution or are they part of the problem?

now it is

They were running out of materiel from 1984

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Will writing out acronyms in mixed case be one of the offenses?

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The Rule of Law is a very important principle, and it will completely fall part if the police and courts are unable to subject people to specially-created special laws.

The Rule of Law is nothing if the people do not fear the law, and if the Law cannot, through its mammonly-appointed representatives, change the law, as it desires.

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Judge Dredd, V for Vendetta, Clash’s Know Your Rights…life imitating art…?

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You can put a big black X over the UK. Are Brits more stupid than Americans?

Dissolve NATO.

I must admit I do not understand this fear that is gripping so many people who have never been safer than people have ever been in the history of mankind.

There is no war or daily bombing and when there was those bloody inconveniences, people survived, married, had wonderful families all through it. They didn’t let the violence of a few miserable souls stop them from living.

And now a police state, for what? Does anyone understand what happens to a group of people who are caged? Their senses dull; they can no longer think logically, and they become weak; so when a genuine threat comes from another group of people who are out free and have their senses honed, the caged weaklings get slaughtered.

Then you have something real to be afraid about…


Everytime the US threatens to overtake Britain in its race to Nineteen Eighty-Four, Britain manages to out-Big Brother the US.

This will mean no more legal marches or protests in Britain, ever.

I must say, at least in the US we can appeal the laws and a judge can decide if they’re constitutional. The cellphone spying may yet fall. (Maybe…) But, correct me if I’m wrong, with no constitution then any law passed in Britain is law, and is enforceable until some other schmucks make some other law, right?


“Welcome to HM Prison Great Britain… Now do as you’re fucking told!”

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If this were a movie title it would be

Riot Act 2: the Crown Strikes Back

I think either everyone needs to just ignore everything anyone in power says in the UK. or line them all up and shoot them maybe.

Read it more carefully. It empowers magistrates to create a law not “any old policeman”.

hear Switzerland is pretty nice.