UK police capture The A-Team


I was watching Star Trek TNG (in first-run, 'cause I b oldz) with my peeps at uni one time when suddenly Dwight Schultz appeared on screen. I was the first to yell “Murdock!!”

Damn, but I loved the A-Team as a kid.


That must be the same van from this hilarious Little Britain skit.


Long way from the LA underground, but I guess they found them.


OH yeah, LT Barkley.

Hey did you notice the one guy on the ST: TNG pilot was the one who voiced Duke on the GI Joe cartoon?


I love the A Team, but sometimes I feel like they need a less conspicuous vehicle.


Huh. TIL something new about TNG. Thanks!


I doubt B.A. would let them convert his beloved van to right hand drive.


All they need to do is paint the van white.



You gotta love it when a plan comes together!



One of the cable channels was running an A-Team marathon not long ago and I noticed something from the opening credits that I don’t think I’d ever noticed before. Where Dirk Benedict is credited, a Cylon (original Toaster) walks by him.

More topically, yeah, real subtle, Face.


OH yeah - I noticed that as a kid. I loved/hated Cylons.

I used to have a recurring nightmare where I was in a dark room surrounded by a circle of Cylons talking in their vocoder voices.


Was there a big guy with a mohawk asleep in the back? If so they must have been on the way to the airport.


Thank you! I’ve seen that scene a million times, so when you said that, my first thought was “ya, so?”… then I thought about it a bit more, and the significance suddenly hit me. I love that feeling when you finally get a joke that you’ve heard/seen/experienced-in-some-way a million times and never noticed before.

(A million times might not be hyperbole - I really love the A-Team, all four seasons of it.)

(Also, please don’t correct the obvious error in the above comment - I’ve convinced my brain that it’s correct, and I’m happier this way :smile:.)


I forget that not everyone is super geeky, so it didn’t even occur to me that others wouldn’t realize that Dirk Benedict was Starbuck.


Dirk Benedict was is Starbuck


There was no reboot of Battlestar Galactica. And there definitely wasn’t a Galactica 1980, either.


Seriously? Because the new one totally kicked all kinds of ass. It’s so much better than the original.


Probably was. But it went on my list of “watched the first episode, thought it sucked, gave up” along with Lost and 24.

But I’m firm on Galactica 1980.


I can’t speak for 24, but Galactica really gets humming along fairly quickly after that and was incredibly well done as a whole. Except the third season, that gets a little laggy for the first half.

Lost started interesting and then lost steam around the 5th season as they realized they had to get some answers for all their questions. They never really bothered and I was fairly disappointed in it by the end.