UK police capture The A-Team




The joke’s on them - the statute of limitations ran out a long time ago! :wink:


I once set off the worlds smelliest stink-bomb in Yorkshire. I would have been caught, but the police ran out of Leeds.


I trust they locked them up in a warehouse amply stocked with tools and materials.


True that. I somehow don’t believe they are going to be still in custody by the time the hearing comes around.


That’s cool but really only because they didn’t actually say “we caught the A-team”.
You know, like the headline here does.


This was after a high-speed chase and shootout that went on for miles but no one got hurt.


There’s are statute of limitations for murder?


If they even take them into custody… I’m guessing that there are only three people in the van and that a “police helicopter” will soon show up to take them directly to a high security prison.
The last thing that the arresting officers will recall hearing is something about a plan coming together.


The A-Team murdered someone?


I’m amazed after forty years they were all riding in the same van together. Talk about loyalty!


This is the same police force who Batman handed a suspect in to last year.


A jeep flipped in a massive explosion, however, the crew staggered out unscathed, exclaiming, “¡Ay, caramba!”


Actually they just broke the Laws of Physics and had their Dramatic Licence revoked


In the UK? Nope.


In the UK there’s not many limitations on when crimes can be tried, and none of the A-Team’s usual crimes (eg vandalism, destruction of property, motoring offences etc) are covered.


The murdered a lot of people in Vietnam, but that was under military orders, so it was all cool.


I made a short comic about all the war crimes committed by The A-Team in Vietnam


Hah - that’s awesome. I loved the A-Team as a kid. Murdock was my favorite followed by Mr. T.


Nothing in there but the welder and those stacks of sheet metal. Oh, and all that fertilizer for the exterior landscaping. Oh, we’ve got them now!