Toy Galaxy's history of The A-Team

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I am annoyed that none of the retro TV stations we get have the A-Team on. H&I TV has Greatest American Hero on. . . at 6am Sunday mornings (seriously?)

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I love Toy Galaxy. He Fett collection is obscene.

And I loved the A-Team. I have seen a few episodes as an adult, and it is rather campy and formulaic. My favorites as a kid were BA and Murdoch.


Back when the world was full of hidden ramps that would end up flipping over the bad guy vehicles.


That’s where the “…and if you can find them…” part of the opening narration comes in.


So. . . in order to get local TV to show episodes of The A-Team, I have to find the actual A-Team and hire them to twist TV execs arms?

Lemme guess, in order to find the A-Team, I’ll have to hire some private detectives, Simon & Simon, Jim Rockford or Thomas Magnum, perhaps?


I’ve always wondered about the intro where it was said they escaped into the “Los Angeles underground”. Do they mean the Metro? But that didn’t even exist then!


They went here.

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Whereas I always wondered how the A-Team managed to spend so many years evading state and local law enforcement—not to mention military authorities armed with the full resources of the Federal government—while any small-business owner dealing with a local protection racket could figure out how to get them on speed dial.


I unironically enjoy the heck out of the movie. It’s very much in the “so bad it’s good” category.

The plot makes zero sense, there’s more contrived convivence than in bad Twilight fanfiction, and the character building done goes exactly nowhere.

But if you want to turn off your brain and watch a silly movie where they fly a tank, this is your movie.

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