UK retailer refunds money over bleachy, rotting christmas turkeys


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Well, who gives a damn about the profits of Tesco?


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how can a
A MEAL cost £250 was she hosting the whole street?


10 people, £25 a head, for a starter, main meal and dessert.

Sounds about right. Brexit is not doing good things to British food prices.


So they got in a professional caterer, there is no way £25 a head is realistic for a home-cooked Christmas dinner. I was a chef for many a year until I realised the error of my ways and her claim is just hyperbole.


Reminds me of the stomach-churning story of that truck of 40-year old meat confiscated in China a couple years back. At least they weren’t horse meat this time.


Horse meat is delicious. A local delicacy, in fact.
However, horse meat sold as something else is just criminal fraud.


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