UK town considers hiring dog poop "investigator"

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The pub on my corner was bought by a property speculator and shut down. The former landlord lives in the housing estate across the road and every morning, he has his dog shit on the doorstep of the shuttered pub.


The Poopsmith’s an OK guy. He just has a crappy job.

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Sounds like a job for Tony Chu!

This may have been a throw-away joke (b’dum-tschh) but this actually seems like the only really answer to the problem. Rather than pay someone to find out who is leaving dog poo, collect it up and do something with it, or at least just pay someone to collect it up. that is guaranteed to be successful and creates as many jobs, versus the “Investigator” who is likely to be about as effective as a TSA agent, and will be more expensive. I used to get $0.25 a turd scooping in my back yard as a young’un.

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So Axbridge could just be a town full of like-minded people with simmering grudges…

Christ, what a shithole…

but think of all the free chocolate one could find on the ground!

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Ever been tempted to put it in an envelope and post it back to him?

Posting it to said property ‘developer’ would be my favourite.

Maybe in a box and you could put a photo collage of him letting his dog shit on the doorstep for the last few weeks inside the lid.

“Why would anybody… ohhh.”

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