Homeowner comes up with clever way to shame owners who let their dogs crap on his lawn

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Taking it to the next level… he could photoshop the humans taking a crap on his lawn.


Next level would be to find out who they are and mail them all of their collected dog poops


Roland: Remember when your mom found out whose dog was crapping in front of your house and she put their name on paper in the center of the pile?

– LA Story (1991)


Can you get the post office to set the package on fire and ring the doorbell?


I feel bad for the doggos who don’t know any better.


And yet the next next next level would be for everyone to take a deep breath and realize that cutting down a forest and turning it into an urban space with lawns is never going to stop animal bodies from doing what animal bodies do.

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No one here is shaking their fists at the dogs. They’re shaking their fists at the lazy asshole owners incapable of cleaning up after themselves. So.


Yes, I understand, and hence I wasn’t talking about the dogs at all.

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I have considered doing something like this. Mainly to shame the entitled dicks who let their dogs piss on my flowers to the extent that my friggin flowers die.


So by “animal bodies doing what animal bodies do” you were referring to…


Can you plant/maintain short hedges or put a fence at the front of the property to keep dogs out? :\

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Nobody is expecting all the raccoons to start using flush toilets and hand sanitizer here. If you can’t take responsibility for your pet’s feces then you have no business having a pet in the first place.


Can they identify these pet owners and turn them in with a lovely wrapped ticket for not cleaning up after their pet?

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My lawn gets crapped on by dogs, cats, rats, mice, voles, skunks, opossums, deer, rabbits, groundhogs, hundreds of species of birds (including birds with astoundingly large and noisome droppings, I’m looking at you turkey buzzards), foxes, raccoons, human beings, and possibly a cougar that one time.

That’s how the world works. Everybody poops. Well, except certain bugs.



A low-lying electric fence wire might do the trick.


In many municipalities in the US at least, yes, actually, you can =)! If not in your area, small claims court should do nicely.

@anon62122146 I see no need for fried dog weenies -.-’ . A BB in the ass for the owner, now… Extremely tempting.

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NPR had a story on using Belgian lasers (thicker and crisper, natch) to shoot lasers and spook birds and other berry thieves (at berry farms,) so that’s one option. Maybe the drone version could flight a bit of ammonia-fume watching and try to match the amount with ash, and then watering followup, to get good fertilizer and not ammonia-burnt flowers. With excellent forced POV for prospective owners or perhaps just the animal…if the crows can pick up trash, the dogs can have a little potash-water barrel and maybe a compost staging kit? Their own sewer sucker if they complete the drone’s training recall course?

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He should monetize with a youtube channel.