Britain's pink-painted poo aims to shame irresponsible dog owners


They should do this for chewing gum too.

Man, Banksy has really lost his touch…


I don’t get it… Do people only spray paint the poo left on the ‘irresponsible owner’s’ own lawn, to deface their property? Because I don’t get how making a random, anonymous pile of dung pink is embarrassing to the person who left it there. If someone has no qualms about leaving a big pile of shit behind in the first place, why would it being pink as opposed to shit-coloured make them care?

I guess at least it is more visible so you don’t step in it…


A better idea would be to use high-powered paintball guns to tag the irresponsible dog owners. It could be a great way to bring the community together.


Yeah. Dog owners who don’t pick up . . . just don’t care. Confront the slobs, and they generally just get angry. Entitled jerks.

I always carry extra bags with me. If someone leaves their dog’s pile in an especially “dangerous” spot, like the middle of a sidewalk or a play area, I’ll pick it up just so the neighborhood doesn’t think dog owners in general are slobs.


Point of order: Pepto Bismol turns your poo black as death, never pink.


Just leave it, we got it


Bad idea. This is the kind of thing people get competitive about, and all it takes is for a few trollish dog owners to start taking perverse pride in how much they’re pinkifying the neighborhood. It also seems custom designed to make dog poo harassment more effective, especially for bigots encouraging their dogs to poop on gay people’s property.

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Here’s a better solution

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They are likely to follow the same route each morning/evening, and the dog going in the same place, so there’s a good chance they’ll see it.

So after someone’s dog crap on the sidewalk outside my house and the owner doesn’t clean it up, now someone else is going to spray paint it pink, and that paint will stick around long after the poop is gone? Wow, that sounds like a great deal.

If you can go to the trouble to get out your pink spray can and “make a point”, just pick up the damn poop.


Last year, after numerous failed poo campaigns, the town of Brunete in Spain started mailing dog owners their dog’s poop back to them. Let’s just say the success rate was very high. It was dubbed
‘Caca Express’.


The same rationale led Ivor Cutler to put cake sprinkles on the poop.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about the glorious wonder of The Sprinkle Brigade.

I think “Risotto Negro” might be my favorite.

Franken Berry on the other hand…

In other news, Susan G. Komen for the Cure is considering a color change.


i think it would work better if the pink paint was used on the face of the pet owner.

Back when I used to walk my dog more regularly (he’s old now, and more often than not we just let him run around in the backyard these days), my dog would NEVER poo in the same spot. But really, even if an asshole owner had a dog that DOES poo in the same spot every day, I don’t see how their dog pooping on a pile of pink poop is going to make any difference.

Based on that theory, I’ve heard that a bottle of squeezy peanut butter to mark the turd works well. Next time they wall the dog past, the dog forcibly draws their attention to it.