UK university admissions service sells applicants' data to energy drink companies


So much shady shit from all those one feels one ought to trust.


Hmm… let’s see what kind of vulnerable poplulation we can make money off now.

Shame on the UK university admissions “service”.


They insist they violated no laws, but what about ethics? Does that not matter anymore (not that it probably ever did).


So first the NHS, and now this. Did we send you guys an aid package boobie-trapped with sociopath randroid privatization weasels or something recently?


Brawndo: it’s got what college students crave.


mmmMMM! I can use me some Thunder Muscle. I know a guy from Leeds.


Goddammit UCAS, all that data is confidential, so you selling it is very against the law (I don’t care what your weasel lawyers say, you know you done wrong and you should feel unrelentingly bad, you betrayed the citizens of your country for money).

Evil is as evil does.

High schools do it, too. How else would every prom dress shop in a 50-mile radius know my kid’s grade and address? I’m sure the school makes money doing this, which they sadly need. We probably signed permission for his sort of thing when we allowed for colleges to contact us.

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Freakin’ brilliant.

Thank goodness this could never happen in America, where we defend our children from amoral advertising of every kind.


We grow our own, now. I’ve met a Geordie Paulite. It was fucking bizarre.

I’ll say. That sort of ontological dissonance leaves subtle cracks in the fabric of reality if you aren’t careful.

I hope he was at least an adherent of Paul The Father (who, although he isn’t really the kind of guy you want being steadfast in his beliefs, is practically a bastion of intellectual honesty by American political standards) rather than his overtly despicable little brat?

Oh, yeah, it was the other St. Ronnie, not Junior.

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