Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky talks to Wired about his IT Army, Big Tech, and social media savvy

Originally published at: Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky talks to Wired about his IT Army, Big Tech, and social media savvy | Boing Boing


I’ve been making my way through Servant of the People lately. I’m constantly reminded of the strange circumstances that led to his presidency and how extraordinary it is that he has been exactly the right leader to meet this moment.


The guy looks weary. What an incredible load to carry. He certainly deserved better but has proven himself noble in battling a powerful and depraved sociopath. I wish him and the Ukrainian safety and success. Does Judaism recognize saints?


St Volodymyr the Badass certainly has a fine ring to it.

I wish Volodymyr the Badass, his country, and all her beings complete victory and all needed healing.


I’ve been trying to explain what a joke this is…
pres… putin kind of sentencing…

what kind of punch line would we the people wanted…

Fascinating and inspiring to see in real time, but also depressing (and yet expected) that we have to be discussing this in 2022.


I don’t think you’re actually trying to call russia’s war on Ukraine a joke, but what you posted doesn’t look very good.

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I watched it, too! It’s a wonderful show.

I’m wondering, though… There are only 3 episodes of Season 3 on Netflix. Any idea what’s up with that?


Sounds like he’s scared to name “those countries and companies”.

Hm. Carrot, stick. If he can get them to cooperate by not naming them, why not? And if they don’t, then naming them is still an option.


the putin called the salisbury incident a joe king…

so I’m probably half saying the ukraine excursion is too…
but with medals

No, I don’t. I know that Season 3 ended with his announcement of candidacy, so I assumed that’s what cut the season short, but I’m still pretty early in S1 (he just gave parliament what-for). It’s pretty amazing to be watching this story unfold at the same moment the next, biggest chapter of his story is unfolding. Because of that I’ve avoided reading too much about it.

This dude is going to be a Ukrainian god one day. Seriously.


The list of companies stll operating in Russia is too long to name in an interview.


OK. I tried.

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