"Ultimate" edit of Caligula debuts at Cannes

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This sounds like a solution looking for a problem.

I’ve never heard anyone praise this movie, and haven’t ever had a desire to watch it.


Y’all are being boring prudes! As an aficionado of both high art and trash cinema, I look forward to seeing this!

(This falls on the trash side, obviously.)


44 years polishing a turd.

Some people have too much time on their hands.

(caveat - I do feel sorry for the actual actors who believed they were filming a movie, rather than a porno. Helen Mirren, who had stated her upset over this thing before, and the other decent actors duped into this horrendous con-job).

Even the original director hates this version: 'Caligula' Director Tinto Brass Slams New Cut of His Film at Cannes - Variety


Same here. I’ve never seen the full original, just pieces of it, but I do really like what I see of the clips of this version.


Screened for the first time on Wednesday, the 2023 version is billed as Caligula: The Ultimate Cut, and Negovan is keen to point out that, “The thing that’s bizarrely unique about it is it’s almost like the version that was released in 1979 is the deviant version. Ours is closer to what was originally intended. Even the word restoration … I don’t know what word works, but it isn’t a restoration. I don’t know what to call it.” …

Genome editing? :man_shrugging:

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Oh I’ve seen the original (and the Bob G version with the added girl on girl scenes) several times on VHS back in the olden days. Last time was probably (oh jebus) three fucking decades ago?

The fact that this version contains almost completely different footage is crazy!



I’ve never seen the original, and probably won’t be watching this version either. But I heard a lot about it after it came out. I heard it described as schizophrenic, with one style for the cinematic portion, and really awful photography and senseless dialogue for the mostly gratuitous porn scenes.

So I’m curious to know if he kept roughly the same proportion of porn scenes as the original, or did he try to bring out some latent story? I’m trying to figure out if there’s even a slight chance this isn’t still a 100% turd.

I also hope that a restored edition of 1977 Messalina, Messalina will be done. It was filmend in the same sets of Caligula because everybody was thinking that movie was going to bomb hard. So a B-movie comedy was also filment in the same set Messalina Messalina- 1977 Spezzone con Tomas Milian - YouTube I have seen once on TV thar was broadcasted in a summer night.

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I HIGHLY recommend watching on DVD with Helen Miran’s and Malcom McDowell’s commentary.


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