"Ultimate Slip 'N Slide" Pulled From Olympic Lineup After Explosive Diarrhea Outbreak

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As a Ventura County resident, I know its always a good sign when I read about the work of our Public Health department on BoingBoing.

Where exactly is this set I wonder (but not enough to try Googling it)?

At least Funches still has that sweet King Shark role and that Netflix marijuana cooking show hosting gig

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CDC to the rescue!




explosive diarrhea

Bad name for a band.




I don’t know, that could go either way…

“That band is the shit!”
“That band is shit!”


Thanks for the reminder, I need to re-up my antibiotics for my BWCA first aid kit. I always bring something for Giardia with me, as well as something for Lyme in case we find an embedded tick.

Why not just pivot the format to “Ultimate Slip’n’Slide’n’Shit Right Through Your Pants”? It’d be ratings gold, and it’s not as if we live in some fancy age where the cultural bar is set too high.

Came here to say this.

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The article seems somewhat confused about the site being infected. I believe that giardia amoebas and cysts are fairly common in soil anywhere in California where livestock or rodents like ground-squirrels have been. often water-borne, but certainly not exclusively. And among people, the most common route of transmission is poor hygiene, i.e., food preparers who have not washed their hands after pooping.

Having suffered giardiasis when traveling the subcontinent, I can sympathize with the victims. It’s a weird ailment, where some mornings at 10am, I was hit with massive cramps, gassiness, and the liquishits. The next day, there’d be few or no symptoms. I’d be relived, thinking I’d finally gotten over it. Then, the next day, bam! This went on for weeks.

In those days, the treatment was a drug called tinadazol, delivered via a massive 1gram horsepill. It had a weird effect where it tasted like I had a block of burnt aluminum in my mouth for a day or two. It also killed a whole swath of gut fauna, which necessitated a regiment of yogurts. Now they say tinadazol is carcinogenic, too.

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Kenny has diarrhea

Yes, I am easily amused.

I can’t even laugh about this. My dog had giardia when I adopted him and it took a good 6 months to get rid of it. He also had parvo when he was born, and some other intestinal bug in between that and when I got him. His digestive system has never really fully recovered. I’ve found exactly one dog food that doesn’t result in diarrhea. And it’s not cheap, of course.

What a shitty outcome for this show!

This is all visceral, disgusting, and “macro” enough for the “I’ve Got An Immune System” boneheads to get… behind.

I call bullshit - there are better reasons to cancel a show where adults compete on slip 'n slide - BROKEN NECKS.
You can do your own internet search … then like me, realize your own close calls and why the warning label on the box says what it does.


I’ve commented on this here last summer…

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