The messy fight to stop California's pool diarrhea signs


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Food reviewer really likes American cheese

To me it reads like, you’re not allowed to go in the pool if there is diarrhea actually firing out of you as you dive-bomb the neighbor kids. And I’m not saying that shouldn’t be discouraged, but I wonder about the incidents that made it necessary to print up signs to this effect.



I guess they wanted to avoid excluding people with maintained chronic GI disorders. “Active diarrhea” definitely sounds drafted by committee, though. Imagine that legislative session.


Nah, boingboing is exaggarating as usual. The red and blue sign simply asks persons with diarreah to, erm, ‘keep their gate closed’.

Oh, and diarreah fresher than two weeks must be keept out of the water - which is fair enough really.


My first read of this sign was that people with diarrhea are responsible for shutting the gates, which is awfully big responsibility for such a small number of people.


I get melancholic diarrhea. Should I stay out of the pools?


That main sign is a typographical mess :confused:


While they’re at it they should do something about the the pool sign logorrhea.


WhatGATEever do you mean?


You think a sign is going to stop me, state of California? Hah! Good luck!


Can active diarrhoea cause cancer in California?


It’s like someone had typographical diarrhea all over it. :slight_smile:


It’s all fun and games until someone puts their toddler in the water without a swim diaper, putting the “poo” in “pool.” Then your kid gets salmonellosis, you find out what active diarrhea really means, and the physician asks if you could bring in a sample.




This is the tip of the stupid sign iceberg in California. They are everywhere. Every hotel or office building has a sign warning of evil carcinogens lurking inside. Every jetway has a sign warning you of damage to your perfect pink lungs by jet exhaust. Every place that sells coffee has a sign about some chemical that is in basically everything that is roasted. Every new car has a non-removable decal on the drivers side window warning that “new car smell” causes cancer.

Spend some time in California and you get really good at rolling your eyes at or outright ignoring such signs. If you took these signs seriously you wouldn’t be able to leave the house.


Back when I was in grade school, at the end of each school year, third through eight grade would each have a field trip to the then new indoor pool at the community center. Those trips only went on a few years however after three or four diarrhea incidents that would necessitate closing the pool in order to drain it, clean it, and refill it. Who knew immersion in warm water might cause issues with kids whose diets consisted mainly of chicken nuggets, tater tots, and lukewarm chocolate milk?


No, Caleb. You’ve had diarrhea too recently to swim with us. But you can man the gate, if you want.


and the signs – which must have words or a diagram

Oh my.

…Okay, so this is easy to circumvent. Pull up a piece of random abstract art. Say it’s a terrible diagram. Done.


get you a sign that can do both