"Um, Actually," there is a game show of nerd pwnage

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I get the attraction of having well known Internet comedians being the contestants (basically like the conceit of British panel shows), but it is so annoying how bad these supposedly nerdy contestants are at nerdery. Quite often all the contestants fail at getting the right answer to some pretty basic questions about Tolkien or Star Trek. Grr!


It’d be fun to play this in a pub full of nerds (in teams), but the hard part is coming up with the questions.


Cool, but they’re using a rather narrow definition of nerd in my opinion. Whatever happened to nerds being associated with science, not just science fiction/fantasy?

That was fun! But I would fail so hard.

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Those are geeks who know math and science, not nerds.


Really it should be comedians who are comedy nerds being asked comedy nerd questions about, you know, comedy…

(not meta enough)

… oh yeah, for comedic effect.




Zach Weinersmith / SMBC Comics


That… was a big mistake. I don’t see that ever being profitable. I’m not paying for another subscription service (and I really enjoy CH!) No one wants to recapitulate getting nickel-and-dimed for cable packages on the Internet. CH is way too niche. I just hope it doesn’t utterly destroy them as a company.



I like the concept, but the pacing is awfully slow for a game show.

I’d say it’s not really a game show, it’s one of many comedy shows in a game show format. The “game show” portion is just to give the show a loose structure.

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Damn, can’t find video of the nerd battle between Master Billy Quizboy and St. Cloud…which is possibly where they got the idea.


I’ve got to say that this is part of the appeal for me. Nothing keeps nerdy viewers sucked in like a sense of superiority. You never feel better watching jeopardy than when those three eggheads get stumped on one that you know. And at least once per episode somebody does pull out some recall that is actually pretty niche.

Sounds like it’s basically QI.


All of the set dressing is designed specifically to drive the target audience insane.

There’s a D20 with ‘21’ on one face; a sign with a sequence of button presses that’s almost-but-not-quite the Konami code; a hand giving the Vulcan salute, but with the gap between the index and middle fingers; the crest of House Stark with the motto “Winter Will Come”; Ash Ketchum’s hat but with Legend of Zelda iconography on it; a red London phone booth but with a “police box” sign; Mjölnir but it’s a claw hammer…


Seriously. How did none of them know what Pon Farr was? My 9 year-old nephew knows what Pon Farr is (well, the G-rated version). I guess what’s more inexplicable is this ignorance from people who claim to “know something” about Star Trek.

This is on the Internet only, right? If it were part of a cable package, they might have had a chance. But as an Internet subscription, who is going to buy this? Even CBS On Demand, with new Star Trek episodes, has difficulty with subscriptions. (And something I dont understand: even though its on the internet, you nevertheless cannot access the site outside the US!)

The deuce you say!

The game show is cute but I’m most excited about their Tabletop gaming series. OMG I never get to play those kinds of games since just finding people to play them with is hard enough … and having comedians do it makes it so much fun because of the level of improv acting they bring to it. Has me considering cancelling another subscription service to buy theirs instead and I never thought I’d say that because I fucking hate subscribing to things. I hope the sub format doesn’t drive them under, there are just too many subscriptions these days.

I’ve always wondered if the repetition of the same handful of people on them is because of the smaller pool of British comedians available, or if it’s just that there are only so many that are willing to do them. Much like the pool of celebrities that were willing to appear on Match Game '76.