Underwater 'casket' turns out to be concrete dock

Yeah, Methos had just developed his own, largely non-interventionist code of ethics over time, and every time he did break it for the sake of his friends it did turn awry in one way of another.

As for the rules: exactly, the quickening would definitely attract attention anyway, although that could maybe be explained away as an exploding transformer or something more easily than a bunch of C4 going off. But then again most immortals just left the headless body around for everyone to find, so it’s not like they were hugely into secrecy beyond their own self preservation. (Of course the Watchers often took care of the body, but most immortals didn’t know that).


I saw that… it’s movie, though, isn’t it? It feels like it should be a series, but they’re setting it up for a sequel with how they ended it for sure.

I just remember the trope specifically from Angel…


Oops. You’re right. Edited.

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Like I said, though, it feels like it should have been a series? They packed a lot into 2 hours…

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In my comment above I called it a show several times and had to go back and edit that out when I realised later. It absolutely should have been a series, and I’m not just saying this because I’m still pining for a new Highlander series.

Still my first point of reference for this trope as well.

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There is a series.

We were talking about the recent movie, though, not the comic. I’m aware it’s based on a comic.

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