Unemployment: 1.5 million laid-off workers seek US jobless aid in 11th straight weekly drop

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For the week ending 6/13, unemployment claims at 1.5 million


Yet the 1%, the stock brokers, hedge fund managers, corporate CEOs, lawyers and politicians are still raking it in.



What - you mean there is still somebody left in the Dept. of Labor reporting real statistics?


It’s almost like they’ve… I dunno… rigged the game?


Add my spouse to the list for next week. Most of her cohort were laid off by the school system she works at…they are going skeleton crew for the summer. I suspect many school districts will do this and have done this regularly prior to the pandemic. They can furlough teachers, admins, support, etc and save money on benefits through the summer.


As designed.


Why on earth is ‘11th straight week drop’ part of this headline? 1.5 mil new filings is still 700% higher than the norm. Calling out the trend of dropping numbers implies things are good. THEY ARE HISTORICALLY NOT!!!


During this global pandemic we saw a massive redistribution of wealth from the poor and the middle class to the rich. Pretty sick.


You both have my sympathy.

I just hope that the more people this happens to, the more it stresses that we need certain social safety programs and something might be done about it. Of course, we have to get the wolves out of Washington first, unless they see it as necessary for their survival.

Back in March I predicted my company would go under no later than the end of April, but they were able to get a payroll loan to stave off collapse through May and June. That loan runs out with our next pay period in two days, and they don’t plan on taking another.

Meanwhile, we are losing two clients in mid-July who – on the books – bring in $5,500, but in reality are $11,000 behind.

I’m not privy to which clients are paying what, but it was made clear this is a bad hit that will have fallout. What that fallout is, I don’t know. But I expect to be boarding the unemployment train before much longer. That train seems like it’s better to board early than later, but so it goes.

So now I’m trying to form a plan, because as much as I’m tired of this job, it’s handy for paying the bills.

I’m considering looking into local non-profit groups that may have a use for my design or organization skills.


So wait - how many total are out of a job? Is it 40 millions or 20 million? I am confused…

During this global pandemic Over the past 40 years we saw a massive redistribution of wealth from the poor and the middle class to the rich. Pretty sick.



Must be an oversight.

You’re missing the point: during the pandemic it was even worse than before.

Right? Of course we’re seeing a drop in unemployment claims: people have been trying to claim unemployment for over 2 months at this point!

Ha! By their logic things will really start looking up when we’re at 100% unemployment cuz there won’t be any new filings! Huzzah!

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