Nearly 3 million more unemployment claims in U.S. as COVID-19 job losses total 36 million

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So far, life with Trump is palpable dystopia; he’s not happy that there’s more to do.


America: Screw your health, which must be sacrificed to the Market, blessed be Its name. Get back to work, peons (unless it makes financial sense to fire you, after which we’ll call you moochers).


This shitshow just keeps getting better and better…

Correction: “before it’s safe.”

On the topic, this is a fucking travesty. There has never been a time in this country where a general strike is more called for. 2008 was rough. This is nuts.


The bad news is it is 3M more people, and we aren’t doing anything to support them, or anything to hold the small businesses together to be able to restart when/if this is “all over”.

The good news is it seems to be down from the 6M-5M per week we were experiencing earlier. Which is know is the news of “well the cancer isn’t spreading nearly as fast as we expected”, but it beats nothing.

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