Unexpected peril of driving in Australia

Those are exactly the ones.

Harmless. But freaky.


On two separate occasions, I was riding my motorcycle in Sydney urban traffic with cars all around me at about 60 km/h, and looked down to see one of those critters parked on the back of my left hand. Told myself “If you freak out, you will die”, which kept me from leaping off, throwing the bike at the ground, or whatever. Just put out my left hand like a turn signal, gave it a shake, and let the slipstream do the rest.

Inside my helmet I was making noises much like the folks in the video, but less articulate.


What? australia is becoming a red state?



I hope you got that in writing

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I have a similar agreement except that I tell them that it’s okay to be in the house as long as they stay hidden. If they pop out for a visit, I take them outside.


If your house is old enough, maybe centuries, humans had babies in your house! /s

I have that same agreement going. Fortunately, my new house doesn’t seem to attract Huntsmans like my old one did.

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At least human babies don’t come in multitudes that cover your wall or floor. :wink:

Those baby spiders bite, too.

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Well that woke me up this morning. Better than coffee!


One way to spot an Australian. Show a person that spider. Rest of the world freaks out as nature intended. Aussie - ‘Phhhh - seen bigger.’

Other way: ‘Oh I’ve always wanted to visit New Zealand.’


The government here doesn’t want to kill anyone or anything. They just want to keep asylum seekers and refugees in ‘detention’ for an indeterminate amount of time, off shore (think Guantanamo) where they end up killing themselves. First nation people seem to be incarcerated and die in jails, often children but the governments are just starting to see this as a problem. The Australian government is one the biggest exporters of fossil fuels (looted off aboriginal land) and fight hand over fist to protect mining interests above any recognition of climate change.

Oh and all the ‘dangerous animals and spiders’ that harm so very few people are becoming extinct here… even the cute furry ones.

Come and make friends with a huntsman spider while you still have the chance!


And yet they keep trying. (What’s the vaccination rate? Why did they buy so few doses?)

Sorry I thought the /s was obvious

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My reply was badly composed. I was adding to the list.

Fair enough. It’s a big list!

Woo! That will keep you awake!

There’s this theory here in the US that some car accidents (ones that end up unexplainable) may be caused by bees. Even one harmless bee flitting about in a moving vehicle could cause the driver to panic. (I did once find a bee in my car; it was perfectly still and stuck to the ‘mouse fur’ headliner. Poor little thing was dead. Note that sometimes a sick/dying bee will seek out a safe spot to stop at; shady, enclosed. My car interior fit the bill.)

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