Unicorn chased down and returned to owner


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Needs a unicorn chaser.


Already is one.

Now, this is an interesting recursive problem.

It’s unicorn chasers all the way down!


Just remember kids! If you are a bad pony, you are going in timeout!


How do I sign up to be a unicorn chaser? I want to frolic in orchards with white flowers too!


That’s one way to save on the cost of ice cream.


I think they needed this kind of unicorn chaser.


Unicorns should roam free!


Why should they get a better cellular plan?


A five-year-old owns a pony.

Never mind the horn. A five-year-old owns a pony.


BTW, I apologize if I appear to be dragging the primaries into a non-political thread. That was not my intention.


If you want to make it a regular thing you should get a corporate sponsor.

I suggest Red Bull.


pshaw, whatever. I think we all know the truth. unicorntruthers.com*

*site doesn’t exist, wish it did.


How high do you have to be for a unicorn to blend in with the scenery?



Can five-year-olds even legally own anything? I think their stuff is all really the property of their parents or guardians. Otherwise a parent could be prosecuted for taking away a toy as punishment.

I’m not sure at what age that changes, though. A teenager with a part-time job can buy things with her own money; do her parents have any say in the disposition of those possessions?


I’d guess that as long as a person has a legal guardian, that guardian or people they appoint can manage the person’s things for them. Including taking them away. I also think that as a child gets older they get more rights but I’m not sure exactly how and anyway I wouldn’t know anything about US regulations on it.


Evidence locker high, is how high.


Not very when it comes to low-growing almond orchards, which is where I suspect the little critter roamed into.


If you get online to look for one, you’ll be a unicorn chaser chaser. If you get lost and someone goes to find you, they’ll be (yeah, ok, I’ll stop now)