Unidentified falling object? Roof of Arizona home mysteriously damaged (video)

Frozen urine bombs detaching from a high-flying aircraft overhead?

…on the wings of love, only the two of us together urinating up high! Urinating upon the homes below…

…wow is that for real?! How the heck did they capture that (the camera crew).

I like the idea of two large birds fighting.

She went to the media before she went up on the roof… and the media played along. Gone are the days when you need evidence or proof… just go with suspicions.

Climb up… if you find no broken tiles, then likely nothing fell from the sky. If you find feathers and bit of mouse… then it was birds.

Also - roofing companies love people who don’t own ladders.

Thank you! Came here for a Donnie Darko reference and did not leave disappointed.

Seriously has anyone looked for missing jet parts, a nun, a pedophile, or a scary bunny?

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Probably just a confused baby helicopter looking for its mother.



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