Uniqlo's got a KAWS x Sesame Street line for grownups & kids

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I’m disappointed that they hired someone who began as a street artist to make Sesame Street-related art without using a pun! It’s a pretty good pun opportunity, I say!

I find it ridiculous that Sesame Workshop ok’ed this, but flipped out when that Melissa McCarthy movie promoted itself with “No Sesame, All Street.”

Looking at this, it’s clear that their legal action against that movie was because they weren’t getting their big yellow beaks wet, and not because of a desire to maintain the integrity of the brand as “family-friendly.” Granted, these designs aren’t particularly adult-oriented, but they’re not far from it.

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Why are they all dead?


Or stoned?

I’d be into it if the adult line of clothing had no Elmo, like Sesame Street had no Elmo back when the target market were watching it as kids.

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Or a living Mr. Hooper?

That’s KAWS’s shtick

Also, no Snufflelafagus or Grover designs? Pass.

And PBS, enjoying the ironic appropriation of their characters, decided not to sue, because it’s mean.

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