Unique business opportunity: Nudist park for sale

How much is NZ$380K in US$? Asking for a friend.


Harbin Hot Springs used the religious model to stand up to the prudes; one had to join the church to enter. But of course God spited them by burning the place down.

Cameras are banned, and the lack of cell coverage means rarely do i ever see a phone.
The nudism=pedo blast feels like casual shaming. Its not easy to prove or disprove, so the percieved danger gives the story momentum. Now that I’ve given it some thought, seems a place like orlando would be a bigger concern than my quiet pond, we don’t even have a playground.

I’ve been to Harbin multiple times and I honestly have no clue what the hell you’re talking about.

I think they may have changed this a decade or so ago, but the “membership fees” that you have to pay to access the property used to make you a member of the “Heart Consciousness Church”:

Not seeing anything about “becoming a member of the church” in the description, nor do I remember any mention of “becoming a member of the church” either time I visited (once about 11 years ago and once about 9 years ago). The guidelines they made us sign were just about personal conduct.

Just because a new-age religious group owns the property doesn’t mean you have to join the religion to use it, any more than attending a Cub Scout meeting in the basement of a Lutheran church makes you a member of the Lutheran faith.

You had me at Nudeoke.

I think you are correct now. Back in the day it was some sort of legal gambit to keep from getting in trouble with the man.

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