United CEO and top execs resign over corruption scandal

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He’ll probably get a slap on the wrist and then a cushy job in another company.


I’m wondering how much gold is in his parachute.


I believe $7 million - and he gets to keep his health care (until Medicare eligible), car, parking space & travel benefits.

Hasn’t he suffered enough?


He doesn’t even get his guitar stamped on!


Can’t we just stuff gold in these execs’ parachutes and throw them out of planes?


Good, I’m glad he’s gone. As a loyal United flyer, with over 800,000 lifetime miles on UA I can say that the merger has been a disaster, leaving both United and Continental employees and customers feeling short changed and exploited. The only people who gained were the banks who financed the deal and the clowns in charge. Of course he’ll get more in severance for fucking up and cheating than I will earn in a lifetime, but maybe at least the new boss will have slightly more of a clue - they couldn’t have less

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Let’s hope he soon becomes an advocate for prison reform. I find that outcome highly unlikely, but one can dream that corruption on this level would be criminally prosecuted.

Unless it’s your specific intention, you might want to chose a method that hasn’t…[already seen action][1] in the class wars.

That said, this ‘resignation is basically a real punishment if you are important’ stuff is utter nonsense. He should be tried as an indigent and dubiously mentally competent Texan, and punished accordingly.
[1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_flights


I imagine that employees would have felt particularly short-changed and exploited when UAL decided to use its 2005 bankruptcy proceedings to default on its employee pension program. The back room deal with PBGC occurred without any communication to employees, whose retirement savings were decimated.

They might also have felt short-changed and exploited when UAL prevented employees from selling their stock in the company, allowing it to drop precipitously before negotiating the bankruptcy.

They might also be angry about former CEO Glen Tilton’s generous golden parachute package.

There are plenty of reasons for people not to fly United anymore–their shit treatment of employees since 2001 ranks highly among them, IMHO.


Genocide and politics, not really class warfare!

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