United makes emergency landing when passengers become light-headed and nauseous


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United Airlines, where the only acceptable harm to our passengers is that which we intentionally cause.


FWIW, that’s pretty much the opposite of what your linked article concludes. It’s impossible to rule out given what we know, but that’d be awfully quick for most kinds of food poisoning to manifest.


Maybe just a modern case of


Hmm, I hope none of the pilots had the fish while they were watching gladiator movies.


It’s pretty obviously lack of oxygen. I’ve had that on a flight before - some passengers felt it (me included) others didn’t. You feel lightheaded and nauseous. In our case, we told the flight crew, and the pilot brought the plane down to a low altitude, whereupon we all felt better fairly quickly.


Monoxide maybe? Or is that not a risk in planes?







Thank you! This seems very much a ‘correlation is not causation’ moment.




I’m feeling light headed right now.


I came here for this, and am not disappointed.


The dinner choices were steak and lutefisk.


The people with yellow helmets are firefighters, not paramedics.


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Descend to a lower altitude.



came for this, left happy.