United passengers say they were asked to clean seats covered in fresh vomit

I’m confused.

I thought Americans preferred very, very fresh things.

It’s gotta be far superior to stale vomit.


Gotta say … the crew member wasn’t wrong.

I was just thinking – the passengers may have been trying to get on a connecting flight.
Absent that, I would want to say “Fuck you, so blame me for a delay, and get your god damn cleaning crew out here on the double.” But I wouldn’t say “fuck you” because that would probably get you booted off the plane all by itself, and having an intransigent attitude because of your so-called “rights” will get you abusively dragged off the plane, so actually I would probably just shut my mouth while cleaning the vomit with their god damn paper towels and feel like a coward.

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Look on the bright side! It wasn’t shit or piss.

People are so entitled these days.

“Eventually a person came on board with a spray bottle and paper towels and cleaned up some of the vomit.”


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