University of Cincinnati will remove Hitler-praiser Marge Schott's name from stadium

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Just looked her up on WP. What a miserable asshole.



This is probably the first time I’ve heard an American use the “but he built the Autobahn” fallacy.


I always remember her being a nasty piece of work but wasn’t familiar with her love of Nazis. Not surprised in the least, though.


Wow, that is surprising they haven’t done it before now.

Schott was so toxic she got banned from baseball at a time when the culture at the top of MLB was old-school archconservative. (A few years later the Hall of Fame, which is run by the same network of people, banned showing Field of Dreams Bull Durham because Susan Sarandon didn’t like the Iraq War.) Although in fairness, that was back when “old-school archconservative” still let you be anti-Nazi. But it was all pretty shocking even then, 24 years ago.

There’s a ton of inertia with this stuff so I’m not too mad at U of C, but at least they took the opportunity when it came. Whether they should have touched her money in the first place is another matter, but I don’t know exactly when she donated it.


I remember her from back in the day. She was simply awful and used her excessive wealth to flaunt her bigotry and love of fascism.


The history of baseball is filled with weird and quirky characters, but there is a vein of those characters we should not be praising or naming stadiums after.

From wikipedia: "At one point, the university expressed interest in renaming the stadium to “Kevin Youkilis Field at Marge Schott Stadium”, after former Bearcat Kevin Youkilis. However, Youkilis, who is of Jewish descent, declined to be associated with Schott, who was known for racist and anti-Semitic statements.

[ETA: that video is really well done. I’m a baseball guy but even I didn’t know a lot of that stuff. Holy shit, what a horrible person.]


No one tell Schotzie the Elephant at the Cincinnati Zoo

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A nit: Sarandon was in Bull Durham, not Field of Dreams.


We are going to find that the entire system was created on racism and authoritative power grabs.

There is going to be a lot of rubble in our future.

Lots of material to rebuild into something different, and try again.


She and the Yawkeys were competing for who could be the shittiest, most racist baseball owners in the league. Marge is close… but the Yawkeys protected a pedophile for two decades who worked as a club attendant, so I’m giving them the trophy (on top of Tom Yawky just being a racist fuck).


Marge Schott sold my mom a lemon back in '82.

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Oops! You’re right, that’s the one they banned.

With all of the civil unrest, how could anyone not see this coming?

Will they return the money? If not, then as they were aware she was a dreadful human being when they took it, then they are down there in the ethics toilet alongside her.

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White supremacy is so far rammed up this country’s nether-regions that it’s a wonder we can collectively walk. This kind of thing just depresses me in its reaffirming what I’ve been spouting about for 30 years now.

I have no faith that white people or any other people who’re so heavily invested in institutional hatred will ever ever ever change or fix their civilizations for the better.




Mistakes and love of the city? I get that the Schott foundation might feel in a tight spot. But praising Hitler isn’t a mistake*. And you don’t have a great love of a city where Jewish people live if you think highly of someone who committed genocide against Jewish people. Maybe you have some small amount of love, but apparently it’s not great enough to overcome your own hatred.

* A mistake like this?


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