Unobtainably expensive Christmas list


I’d like to see where the set of unattainably expensive things intersects the set of things I would actually want.

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Let us know if anyone buys you that train set, Cory!

The bullet train looks like a duck.

There’s a business here in the UK (for now) where you subscribe and you get, for £1,000 a month or something, a special “box” of rare and delightful goodies. It’s hysterical. I really need to know if they have any customers!

Will post if I find the name.

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The bumper car is not the least bit unreasonably priced, and would make a wonderful neighborhood vehicle if retrofitted with batteries and suspension. Imagine tootling down to the grocery store in that!


I assume the “exact replica” space suit doesn’t actually mean “real working space suit,” because if so then $9K sounds like a steal.

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At least it gets you something that you couldn’t easily make yourself. The Sputnik replica would be ridiculously easy to build for probably less than $50.

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Every year, until I was ten or so, my mother would ask me “So, what do you want for your birthday/Christmas?”

Every year, I’d give her the same answer: “A Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud.”

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