Unrequested tour poster for Paul McCartney

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The squiggly pink bits of flesh are a worry.

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This type of thing could be a very good theme for an Adult Coloring Book.

With Beatles, Hindricks, Joplin, Hippy Buses…school buses (Further).

Adult Coloring books: For reference. http://www.amazon.com/Adult-Coloring-Books-Featuring-Mandalas/dp/0996275460/ref=sr_1_7?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1438649105&sr=1-7&keywords=adult+coloring+book
Apparently they are extremely popular and trending UP.

/edit…or just generic “hippy” type stuff iconic stuff hippy girls and guys…micro buses…concerts…etc.


Saw Paul at Bonnaroo in Tennessee, he held up the TN flag. Clearly, he needs to have a flag that has all of humanity within it.
I recommend a square encompassed by a circle. We are surrounded by squares.

PS Paul was great.


I would love to purchase a print of this poster. Are you selling them? Are you allowed to?

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