Unsolved Mysteries coming to Netflix

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Well, you could deep fake it…

Then it could be a mystery whether he is dead or not. :thinking:


I don’t know if it’s possible to recreate the eerie feeling of the original on broadcast TV, that musical score with the intro animation was pretty effective in the 1980’s.


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I’m hoping they reboot Beyond Belief!

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It seems like the internet has the unsolved mysteries part taken care of, so its wonderfully cheesy reenactments better be on point.

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Yeah, just what Americans need right now, another TV show pushing conspiracy theories.


I watched a lot of the old ones on amazon. I remember feeling ‘oh, this would have been solved had cell phones been around’ a whole lot. Still good times, can’t beat 90’s reenactments with slightly more attractive actors then the person telling the story.

I loved that show when I was younger but I’m just worried this is going to attract all sorts of the wrong people. I’m not looking forward to a potential future where Trump gets ideas originated from Unsolved Mysteries.

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