Untitled Goose Game will soon be a two-player joint

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That game looks fun, I wish they would make Linux version.

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can’t wait! look out, village – now there’s TWO goose assholes for you to deal with! this will make some of the tasks much easier…

Needs to be MMO

Untitled Geese Game then surely?


Local or online-only?

We recently got a Nintendo Switch (over my curmudgeonly objections), and I’m delighted to see that means I can now play Untitled Goose Game - my other option being arm-wrestling the thing into working on Linux through whatever convoluted layers of OS emulation I don’t have the energy for…

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Goose and Gander!

Nintendo Switch is kinda cool in my opinion, especially since it’s portable and doesn’t need TV.
I use old 32-core server (2xOpteron 6376) as a workstation, and consumer versions of Windows are not supported at all, so I’m not even sure if Windows games would work with Wine, and like you said, it’s probably a hassle to set up. The funny thing is that games that have native Linux ports work surprisingly well, including those with sophisticated graphics like Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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This game makes me proud to be Australian but we don’t have villages here??

Give this person a Pedant Pendant! :wink:

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