Review: Untitled Goose Game is a difficult delight

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I’ve been playing UGG with my wife, who sent me this the other day. . . .



How in the world has the internet not invented a webbed foot tattoo generator?
This will have to do:

Now, back to tormenting nice people as a goose.


maybe there will be a goose-shitting expansion patch.


I finally relented and bought this, even if it is exclusive to the Epic store on PC.


I played and finished Entitled Goose Game (yes, entitled) on the Nintendo Switch. If nothing else, besides having fun being a goose with a mind for mischief, I improved my Switch controller familiarity.

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You’d better up your goose skills, there is a “collect this list of items in this place” to-do in every zone of the game.

Hint: a human who is putting back a thing that belongs on the opposite corner of the zone from where you have to collect stuff is a human who won’t see you swiping stuff you want.

Hint: some later drop points can be moved.

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What I enjoyed most about the game was its attention to detail. Adding little touches to the background (such as the items in the store in the little village) and the thought towards letting people live out their goose-playing-a-harmonica-while-honking fantasies was charming.


The main thing that is holding me back from buying this is losing control of my computer as I have to give turns to my children.

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It is so gorgeous. I’ve not yet started, but my wife has already finished, and as soon as I can, I’ll give it a go.

I’m also hoping for a physical Switch release.

Press Y to honk!

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OMG, and the music is perfect, too.

Overall it was a blast, although I haven’t returned to it after completing the main tasks a couple weeks back. The last thing I completed from the extended list was getting the soccer ball all the way to the back yard that has the net. That was… bothersome.

As far as stashes of stuff go, if you put stuff that is from one area in another area sufficiently far away, you wont be followed. For example, I stashed my shopping basket over in the farmer’s garden. He didn’t seem to care, and the shopkeeper wouldn’t go that far.

Similarly, when I grabbed his keys and then started running, he gave up around when I got to the shopkeeper and turned around.


Same here, actually. Once I gathered my bell and saw the list of new tasks, and how difficult some of them sounded, I decided to return later.

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My only complaints were:

  • too short
  • no megaphone

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