(UPDATED!) Fish caught with very strange "tattoos"


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totally gang-ink! THAT fish is in a gang!


Non-magical explanation? What good is that?


Sorry to spoil it: http://news.abs-cbn.com/trending/05/08/17/a-fishermans-story-no-tattoo-on-fish-caught-in-misamis-occidental


Makes sense that it was a blue marlin or something from the sailfish family.

Blue marlin, like other billfish, can rapidly change color, an effect created by pigment-containing iridophores and light-reflecting skin cells.[16]

Some videos of live catches of sailfish show incredible color patterns. When people mount them as trophies, it really loses out on what makes them really interesting looking fish.


strange “tattoos”

Please don’t give weight to that kind of prejudice, it’s not very fair, and it’s not nice. “Tattoos” are where the person was, not where they are or where they are going. Same goes for the fish.

Thank you.


if only it had been cool and stayed in its school…


I’m calling this completely heartbreaking FAKE! news exactly what it is FAKE! I used to be friends with that guys sister, who, turns out, isn’t even remotely gay(culture hairstyle appropriation lead to logical and embarrassing conclusion, still got her number, lol) and she said he and fish have MATCHING tattoos, and have been sneaking around together for months, and were actually kinda cute together, but if you ever say she said it, she’d deny it because the fish can be a real bitch sometimes! FAKE!


Fish wear clothes. It’s a well-established fact.


Thank god it wasn’t a cheap shirt with something religious printed on it. People would’ve freaked the fuck out.


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