[UPDATED] Google image search for "best toilet paper" returns images of Pakistan flag

Edit: misspelling :wink:

Nope, intentional.
I’m with Jasper Fforde on this one; this is how it should be spelled.
You know he’s right.

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There is a special Hell for people like you and Jasper Fforde, and it is called “Múspell” :wink:


Nope again. If anything, fahre ich zur Hölle.


But who among us is not guilty of doing something similar? You see a post or tweet somewhere that tickles you, and you take it at face value and share it? I admit that I have done it once or twice. At least Mark updated it.


Sure, I’ve been suckered occasionally. The difference between me and Mark is that I am a programmer who sometimes comments on the internet, while Mark is a professional journalist of more than 25 years and wrote this article as part of his job.


This needs more likes. And “Verify before reposting” should be a poster that everyone can print out and send to their easily-led relatives.

Although this also works:



By the way, I’d not come across Jasper Fforde until you name checked him. I’ll have to find some of his works; they sound a laugh. I’m suffering from a lack of Terry Pratchett in my literary diet and could do with a substitute, even if this Fforde chap appears to struggle with spelling. :wink:

Fforde is Welsh…
And yes, he is a suitable substitute for Pratchett.

Basically, his books are set in several, but sometimes interlocked, alternate timelines / parallel universes. Intelligent, witty, fun. The kind of books you can enjoy more than once, and still find new details.



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