Urban vs rural culture

Doesn’t mean they’re not part of the same region, despite those differences. There are major cultural differences between ATL and other parts of GA, or between NOLA and the north part of Louisiana - doesn’t mean that ATL and NOLA are somehow “less” part of the south… it’s all part of the south.

The thing is, these days with Atlanta being a major corporate hub, people get transferred to there from offices in NYC, Chicago, Boston, etc. all the time and they can get adjusted with minimal cultural shock because big city America is a culture of its own with only minor differences between locales. NOLA is a wonderful charming place, not to mention Georgia’s own “Southern Gothic” city of Savannah, but these smaller cities have much more of a local flavor and and outsiders transferring there would be in for a major cultural adjustment.

As Killer Mike has said… ATL is a small town pretending to be a big city…


Tell me you haven’t really spent much time in Atlanta without saying it.

Nevermind, you just did…


Tell me you think that you’re never wrong without…


Many cities lay claim to that slogan. I have heard Munich also described as “the world’s largest village”, which is bullshit. Munich is much more cosmopolitan than it admits, with its constant worrying about if the city is too self-satisfied and arrogant.

Munich is only a “village” in comparison to Berlin, or Vienna, or Paris, and even there only locals think of it as a village. They have forgotten what life in small towns is actually like, with no public transportation and where there is no place to grab a bite after 10 PM.


Sunderland, where I’m from, is basically a pit village with elephantitis.


Rural people drive like this, while urban people drive like this /s

eta /s


10pm? Pshaw!

I had to go to my county seat (biggest town in the county, too) last week for something in the late afternoon, and almost every single eatery had closed at either 3:00pm or 4:00pm. The only options would have been on the fast food strip.


How much of that is early closing due to lack of staff due to poor wages? I ask because around here we have restaurants and Walgreens (it’s always Walgreens) closing unexpectedly mid afternoon because they just don’t have staff


same here with the Walgreens.
the islands are hicksville compared to miami just an hour or two north. our Walgreens will up and close without notice and all us old people get tetchy when we can’t get our meds on time.
local eateries run breakerz and lunch or lunch plus happy hour, then call it a day.
of course, this is the land of early bird special (dinner at 4:30).


This has recently been an issue around here. But not being able to find a place to eat after 5 pm or not at all on some nights has been an issue for the 10+ years I’ve lived in this particular small community. It tends to fall into the “That’s just the way we do things around here” mentality and people are forced to either accept it or move.


You know it’s christmas time when somebody hangs up a light up deer being bled out the neck (or was it guts opened up?) on the way over to Walmart (kinda like this). Not my picture but I did see something like this in somebody’s yard last year.


I recently missed a dose when I didn’t realize that my HMO’s pharmacy closed on the weekends. They called me to ask if I wanted future scripts mailed to me. Yes please!


Well, that’s grim.

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Staring Nicki Minaj GIF


I saw one like that last year, but the deer were accompanied by several light up snowmen on the roof, each with a single strand of animated yellow lights from it’s snowgroin to the ground.



That is absolutely a factor, no question, but also, restaurants/diners here are open for breakfast and lunch, but not dinner so much.


I think we’ve found the ultimate Urban vs Rural cultural divide!

Are people up before the crack of dawn and home by 6:00pm?

You might be a rural dweller!




This is another part of it. Lots of breakfast and lunch places here, but not nearly as many options for dinner. Plus up until recently we had a barber that started cutting hair at like 6 am and was closed by 2. I’m pretty sure he passed away, though.