Compare cities with this attractive city-comparing tool

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That’s funny, the report did not seem to address the Scooby-Doo question.


welp they lost me immediately.

do you really believe that New York City has but 87 sex offenders? That is what they claim.

A simple 1 second search for real data shows quite a different picture - - New York county by itself has over 1,300, throw in the Bronx and you are way over 3,000.

87?? really - makes you question all of their data.

CMU, Pitt, Duquesne, and the smaller universities probably help the Burgh’s numbers quite a bit.

Wow, after looking at those numbers Cleveland is worse in almost everything.

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Actually, they call Cleveland ‘The Mistake on the Lake’.


Is…is it because of all the sex offenders?

I heard Paris was famous for its sex offenders.

The problem with this attractive tool is that all the cities look frumpy compared to it.

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I’m always kind’a surprised when I compare my little Wisconsin Village to the Medium-sized suburb of Los Angeles… They are pretty close on most measures (as percentages) – 'cept those equal wages buy about 40% more in WI.
They are even almost exactly the same size – which is why my wife always comments to folks that my town supposedly has 500+ people, but she never sees anybody: WI: 50 people per sq. mile, CA: 9000 people per sq. mile.
Education is about the same. They vote about the same: 60-70% Democrat. Even religion is about the same – WI is only 40% catholic as compared to the 60% in CA, but the missing 20% is in Catholic-lite aka Lutherans…
Of course, Northern WI is a bit whiter than So Cal…

The comparisons really start falling apart when you get to weather and air pollution. :wink:

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