US Coronavirus death toll passes 1,000

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1st no matter who, how, where, or China but Don the Con’s self serving psychotic egocentricism was what prevented him from acting immediately, not 2 or 3 months late to this threat. The Republican members of the Intel Committee in Feb. clearly recognized the threat immediately and some sold off millions in stocks. My god viruses have been mutating anywhere on earth from the beginning of time, if you are going to blame China that this 1 in millions chance mutation happened there at this
time is their fault, you would be as scientifically correct to blame it on the “Tooth Fairy”. Warning Republicans; your leader believes windmills cause cancer, so based on that and his Covid-19 science understanding ignorance, the world in fact may be flat, so please don’t drive over the horizon and fall off the edge of earth.

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Any highlighting of the number of deaths in the US (or any other jurisdiction) only serves as comment on the (in)efficacy of that particular region’s governmental response. If a global pandemic should teach us anything about ourselves, it is the absurdity of nationalism. The virus doesn’t care about borders, economies, or the resources, natural and otherwise, that humans deem important.

How is it that we won’t learn this lesson?


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