US Embassy and Godaddy conspire to censor dissenting Mexican political site


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Where is the Lulz Boat when you need them?

From the mirror site

"In recent days, confirmed that the Mexican agency which requested the U.S. government to censor, was the Specialized Centre on Technological Response (CERT in Spanish). This is an agency of the Federal Police, which depends upon de Secretariat of the Interior since 2013. "

Hasn’t Latin America been our Bad Idea Proving Grounds since around the Monroe doctrine?

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I’m thinking that our bad idea proving ground is simply anywhere in the fucking world we think we have some interest in. A big place to start would be right here; I’m thinking Manifest Destiny.

One thing that has surprised me is that Randall Munroe, of xkcd fame, still uses Godaddy, even though he said that he was going to move all of them in 2011, when Godaddy supported SOPA. It’s been several years, and all of his sites are still using Godaddy, and discussion of the topic on his blog and forums never gets a response (like here: .

Really disappointed in him.

That would be putting it kindly. Too kindly.

GoDaddy is really turning into a classic Bond-villain.

You can usually tell how much someone actually cares about something by their actions.

I really dislike goDaddy too. But Randall might have the same problem that I had. GoDaddy’s name proxy site is hard to get free of. It might not still be true but to remove yourself from domains by proxy you can’t just move to another name proxy carrier instantly. GoDaddy takes off the proxy protection and leaves you “in the clear” first and then you can transfer to a new registrar and a new name proxy service.

In my case they said it could be up to 14 days until you could be transferred to another. At the time I was just too concerned about that gap. So I stayed with goDaddy. Now years later I tried again. This time I had the new registrar all lined up. Namecheap. I had everything in place, or so I thought. it turns out that the domains by proxy company run by goDaddy’s partner used a different password. I couldn’t remember it. It was tied to an email service that had ended. So I couldn’t reset it.
I sent them all my info proving I was the owner including my drivers license. I was fine with the requirements because I WANT it to be hard to move my account incase it was someone else doing it. But the delay meant my name was in the clear during the process. 7 days. The good news is that it finally is done, but this is just another reason that goDaddy sucks. Even the tools that they use are set up to keep you locked into their service because they want it to be easier to stay with them than to leave.

Oh and about 2 weeks before this I got hit with a 49.00 charge for two email accounts that I never had and never activated! I had to get those charges removed from my account. How many people paid those vs fought those?


I registered domains with GD in the past, but never utilized their services enough to have a sense of their customer support. That said, yesterday they re-upped one of my old and unused domains against my wishes. I called, got a rep, and without any marketing questions or asking me why I didn’t want to renew, they refunded my money and de-registered the domain. In terms of closing an account, the GD process was one of the easiest I’ve utilized. So at least they’re learning how to let people go.

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