US governmental requests for comment are routinely flooded by pro-corporate bots

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A non-corrupt government could put a stop to this.


They wouldn’t even have these public comment pages if they weren’t sure in the notion that their corporate overloads can game the system.


Money is speech, my friend.

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All this implies that someone – some consultancy, PR company or other “service provider” – has developed a product that they’re shopping in corporate board-rooms, offering to destroy US government agencies’ public comment systems with stolen identities who support the clients’ most profitable initiative.

Followinglike is one such product, I noticed it recently when researching social media manipulation tools. Their description:

FollowingLike is a perfect tool to run thousands of social network accounts(facebook, instagram, google+, linkedin, reddit, tumblr and pinterest etc.) at the same time 24/7 to auto-follow, unfollow, follow back, like, unlike, pin, comment, share, add friends, view/comment video and send messages etc. You can combine basic function modules to any complex task to execute any job you want automatically, and the software can simulate human operation perfectly to avoid your account to get suspended!

Trust no one, my friend.


Corporations are people, my friend.

Everyone’s up to this sort of thing, so it’s said.

Though frankly if we’re looking at the author’s work, I prefer Take the Skinheads Bowling.

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