US pharma and biotech lobbyists' documents reveal their plan to gouge Britons in any post-Brexit trade-deal

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A big part of the justification for the EU was that it would be a large enough economy to negotiate on a peer basis with the US. So it is NO surprise that when the UK is in a position to negotiate separate trade deals, they will probably NOT be as good for the UK as the EU was able to secure.
Edited to add: At some level the UK became tired of being “ganged up on” by the rest of the EU, but now it is going to have to go one-on-one and some of the opponents are really strong.


Leavers in economically depressed parts of England must eagerly anticipate the arrival of rugged individualist health care as much as they do the departure of brown-skinned immigrants.

That the late-stage capitalist vultures are circling shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. If I were in the UK and dependent on medications or other regular treatments for a chronic illness, I’d be seriously contemplating a move to Scotland right about now as a contingency plan.


What they’re expecting is cheaper food thanks to global free trade, an industrial renaissance thanks to protectionism, and billions more to spend on the NHS now that we don’t have to pay anything to “Brussels”.


It was bad enough that they rationlised their xenophobia on the basis of a slogan on the side of a bus that was proven a complete lie. And yet they persist in these delusions…

I wish I could say that the Know-Nothings won’t prevail on Thursday, that somehow a bunch of young people will realise that their futures hang in the balance and come out and vote. But from what I’m seeing, the prognosis is a grim one.


Good News! We have billions of pounds more to spend on health care!
Bad News! Health care is going to cost trillions more!


Lobbyist who are only in it for the money are worse people than common thieves. The actions of thieves affect only a relatively low amount of people, whereas the actions of lobbyist usually negatively affect a lot of people.

People that make deals that benefit both parties, but at severe cost to a third uninvolved party, should be jailed and all monetary gains plus a fine should be taken.

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I’m not certain that “being ganged up on by the rest of the EU” had anything to do with it. If you look at the majority of members of the various “Leave” movements, they have no idea at all what decisions have been made or policies put in place by the EU, nor of what stance the UK actually took on them.

For instance, areas affected by a lowering of the fishing quota are very mad at the EU, despite the fact that a) the quotas were lowered to prevent fish stocks being wiped out and b) the UK supported the measure.


I’m not saying that the UK was being “ganged up” on, but that there was a perception that the EU was dictating various rules to the UK.



Wait, do I agree with something she said?


It’s kinda like the saying that Reagan, if judged by his policies, would be considered a flaming liberal by today’s GOP.


As an excuse for national and international big-buck rip-offs go, “fiduciary responsibility” has been getting a major workout the last few decades.

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