US releases proposed rule to ban emotional support animals on planes

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Sounds reasonable.

An airplane is generally an overall sucky situation for everyone on it ( including the animals). Unless the animal is trained in such a way that everyone can be confident that it can handle that stressful situation without causing trouble, it should be in a carrier.

Airplane travel is generally infrequent enough that self-medicating/ sedating yourself if you need something to help you through it is perfectly good option.


But aren’t we still allowed to fly with pets, provided that they meet certain guidelines? For instance, can’t I fly with a cat in a carrier?

There was a woman on my flight last night with the two most adorable little white fluffy miniature-Ewok looking dogs. They were in some kind of homemade carrier, and didn’t make a sound the whole way. I’d rather share a flight with them than most people.


Yes, you can totally take a cat in a carrier. I’ve done it. Also, a cat should be in a carrier, because there’s no way you could be confident that a cat won’t freak out if you pack it into an airplane with a whole bunch of people.

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Good deal. Although I am not planning to take my precious Agador Spartacus on a plane ride. I think she would be miserable.

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Waiting for Sam Jackson to do the film I’ve had it with these Motherfucking emotional support animals on this Motherfucking plane.

Strap In


Bearded Dragons should be allowed because they’re generally awesome. They are the Zen masters of the animal world.


This seems like it should be more of an airline policy than a DoT mandate.

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If it were an airline policy without a DOT mandate, they could still get sued for enforcing it.


It appears to me that the word “ban” is being used incorrectly here. From what I’ve read, the rule simply permits airlines to stop allowing emotional support animals to be brought on a flight (or to allow them, but not without paying a fare). The rule doesn’t ban them, it just no longer protects them.


Not true! You obviously don’t have experience with our feline friends. Look, all you have to do is take a roll of masking tape with you. When you get on the plane, tape off a circle on the floor, say 12" in diameter, and watch in amazement as the kitty is compelled, as if by magic, to sit in the circle as though locked in a prison.

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As I understand it the law never protected them to begin with. “Emotional support animals” aren’t actually a thing, medically or in regulation. Service animals are, but the only service animals with any official status are dogs from very particular training programs. And there’s a pretty damn short list of what sorts of dogs can get certified. Seeing eye dogs, seizure dogs, helper dogs for the paralyzed.

There’s no requirement to let any other animals in anywhere. And where animals are verboten it can actually be illegal. In restaurants its often a massive health code violation that comes with fines independent of grades on inspection.

When I was still bartending and managing bars we had so many people bringing so much in with their 10 bucks on the internet certificates. We actually posted the state and federal laws/regs on the wall along with a statement clarifying that we were required by local rules to refuse entry to any claimed service or support animals not listed. The list was the handful of dogs and their certifying authorities.

Some definitely not blind guy tried to argue his home made cert proved the existence of seeing eye iguanas.

So I don’t see what this is changing. Many airlines are already making these changes, cause they’re already legally allowed to. I mean we straight up checked with a lawyer and we were told there wasn’t even a liability risk.


proved the existence of seeing eye iguanas.

Seeing eye iguanas are too cool to not exist. You could probably get a deal on one if you were in southern Florida yesterday. They were literally falling off of trees.

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Well it was wearing a Hawaiian shirt that said “service animal”.

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