US State Department press-corps grill Brexit Boris over his "lies" and "insults"


Yeah, for sure, it is pretty satisfying to hear them tear into someone who is an obvious authoritarian “foreign secretary” mouthpiece who is just repeating bald-faced party line lies though. Then you also tend to remember that not-so-long ago the country up for discussion was under British (or Dutch, or French, or American) rule, and that that’s ultimately the greatest reason it’s so corrupt right now.


If she ever plays Nurse Ratched in a remake of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest?


Yeah, when I was watching this I couldn’t help thinking “Good job you lot. Now go home and do your fucking job there too!”


Yeah and those british citizens got exactly the government and foreign secretary they deserve.


“job” in the sense of “all the preparations are in place for the bank job”, no?


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