Use this code to get a wireless Nintendo Switch controller for cheap

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Assuming it’s (nearly) as good as the Nintendo one, that’s worth it. It’s a much nicer experience. Though, a second-hand Nintendo controller is a good choice too – you might want to deep clean it if it’s coated in adolescent boy slime, but it’ll still work well.

(I’m curious about the “wireless” selling point; that’s a bit like “edible sandwich” or “lockable car”)

Don’t lead me wrong here, @frauenfelder!

Good work as always with the tools, both cool and divertingly fun.

Shows as ‘not available’ here. Maybe that’s the local shipping center being out?

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Eh, it’s not gonna ship faster from Hastings. (Seems like it should.)
I guess it’s a bluetooth controller, but the Switch has sleeves around the analog nubs (1) for bimanual nutation?
And at least a passel of decent seeming 5-star-ish candidates at $27 show up. There’s one that takes corded headphones…can I get crazy vibration xbass models of those?

And it would work with Steam maybe even on Win10 which hobbled game compatibility w. things like Steelseries bluetooth controllers.

Though I should buy a Switch if I want Squidgeoo 5 Platinum Near-Extra (S5NE) where I dance to stop zombies from painting the Milagro Beanfield War.

1 - Bulls—. Oops. It does have an inertial sensor in it tho! Movement 'n rotations. So no peace for how you’re holding it unless the game is running the merciful API extensions.

The controller should bleed ponzu or pepper sauce depending on its own whims, I think. Oh you’ve got the second-vaccine chaser right there.

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Is someone using an AI to write posts now?

Well if I spent all the time playing the games rather than imagining them, I’d be out of time. I’m imagining the legs I’d have to have to bike NYC-Montreal in fat tires (in snow) right now!
eta: [Drug seriousness intensifies.]
I’d think that would be some awfully hearty core training rather than drugs. [This edit sponsored by the Upper Midwest Hops Association. ]

Okay, that’s clearly someone on some serious drugs or using a bad AI.

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