I've been waiting for a cheap wireless Switch controller. I found one!

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I hope it works out. I’ve tried a bunch of aftermarket Switch controllers and none of them are as good as the OG Switch controller. It’s a little more expensive, but it does the job.


When we were able to acquire a Switch during the pandemic (without paying markup!), I wanted to be sure everyone could play coop and battle games, so I picked up two of these. I believe they were around $30 each at the time and were the highest rated on a number of forums. As @CMUwriter points out, they aren’t quite as good as the Pro, but pretty damn close with the added bonus of turbo settings. They’ve held up really well, though I don’t think it gets a lot of use compared to the one Pro controller we have.

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Are these able to “wake up” your Switch by pressing the bottom right Home button, like the Pro controller? That would be pretty cool if it did.

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I’m not sure. I usually come into a session already begun, so I haven’t had the opportunity to notice.

The questions on Amazon are a little unclear. The seller says no, but an end user says yes. I’d go test them out, but we’re moving and everything’s packed away at the moment.


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